Happy Fox Studio

I may not look happy, but don’t let this melodramatic picture fool you! I’m beyond happy to be wearing this pair of eco-friendly earrings handmade by the talented Happy Fox Studio💕🦊💕 Advertisements

Happy Fox Studios: Upcycled Jewelry

Upcycle(v.) – to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. ♻️♻️♻️ @happyfoxstudiojewelry is the QUEEN of upcycling!! Check out her page– she handmakes awesome jewelry using pre-loved materials, like the earrings Kristen’s wearing as she confronts her inner self….

Noonday Collection: Fairtrade jewelry

Transparency in the fashion industry is so important. Everyone has a right to know who makes your clothes, and those who make your clothes have rights!! This necklace is from , a company that works closely with their jewelry designers and makers, making sure they have safe working conditions and fair pay. Artisans from Ecuador…