Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Photography by Rowan Eo (Ear)Ringing in the Holiday Season! A few months ago I saw that geometric shaped earrings were IN! Since starting my ethical journey, I was always suspicious of things that I immediately loved. I didn’t just want to feed into a ~trend~. But this isn’t that kind of story! Hathorway isn’t a…

Tooting my Hathorway horn!

Who are they? Hathorway claims to be “just another ethical brand,” but I beg to differ. Hathorway encompasses so many aspects of sustainability: Fair-Trade, eco-friendly, organic, beautiful, functional, durable, and also philanthropic! Their dedication to being a sustainable brand without forgetting minimalist beauty separates them from the rest. Why are they special? Food industry byproduct:…

Springing into a Zero Waste Lifestyle

There is no better feeling than spring being right around the corner! This Four Rabbit Zero Waste scarf is helping me make the transition from a never ending winter to a much needed spring🌸 Find out more info about Four Rabbit here!✨ 📸  Find more amazing pictures on Look on the Heart’s Facebook and Instagram

Four Rabbit, The Zero Waste Pioneer

Zero Waste fashion has given us a glimpse into the future of fashion. Within the last few years a handful of Zero Waste companies have made waves in bringing to light the burden fashion has put on our environment. The fashion industry is, in short, pretty dirty; starting with chemically treated cotton, to chemical dyes,…

Thrifted Perfection!

Tfw when you’re wearing a 100% thrifted outfit #ThrifyThursday #ihavepeaked

Untitled Thoughts: Repurposed fabrics, ECO-ELEGANZA!

How does one look 🔥 in an eco friendly outfit? One simply goes to Untitled Thoughts 👗 One of the most thoroughly eco-friendly companies around—from the fabric, to the light bulbs in their studio—Untitled Thoughts is full of beautiful one of a kind pieces that prioritize elegance while limiting their environmental impact 🌍 via. Instagram

NIA: ‘eco-friendly knitwear for an unpredictable life.’

What makes this choker(and all of NIA’s clothes!) ethical? 1. The whole process is done at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, right in our backyard! 2. It’s made by MACHINES(so futuristic!). Computerized knitting ensures that only the exact amount of yarn necessary to make the clothes is used– no extra yarn to be thrown…