Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Photography by Rowan Eo (Ear)Ringing in the Holiday Season! A few months ago I saw that geometric shaped earrings were IN! Since starting my ethical journey, I was always suspicious of things that I immediately loved. I didn’t just want to feed into a ~trend~. But this isn’t that kind of story! Hathorway isn’t a…

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I recently went to a sustainability event in New York where I met several companies that were putting their best foot forward in being more sustainable in their industry. I was there helping out at my internship, Minan Wong, and saw other amazing companies like Who Gives A Crap, Stojo, The Regeneration Magazine, along with a few others (and…

Earth Day

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attaches to the rest of the world” ~John Muir 🌸🌎Happy Earth Day🌏🌸 Crop top: Old Crow Backpack: Terra Thread Shoes: Veja For more amazing photography check out Rowan Eo’s photography on her Facebook and/or Instagram 🙂

Thrifted Perfection!

Tfw when you’re wearing a 100% thrifted outfit #ThrifyThursday #ihavepeaked

International Women’s Day 2018

Today let’s appreciate all the women who make this world go round and inspire me (and hopefully you) everyday 💕  Let’s also continue to notice and call out retail companies who use International Women’s Day as a PR opportunity meanwhile not giving their female garment factory workers safe working conditions or fair wages. I’m looking…

Rental Chic

Being more sustainable step 1: buy less! This weekend I tried a dress renting company for a party I had and it was a GAME CHANGER! So many dresses so inexpensive 😱😍😱 dress renting companies to try Style Lend or Rent the Runway.

Untitled Thoughts: Repurposed fabrics, ECO-ELEGANZA!

How does one look 🔥 in an eco friendly outfit? One simply goes to Untitled Thoughts 👗 One of the most thoroughly eco-friendly companies around—from the fabric, to the light bulbs in their studio—Untitled Thoughts is full of beautiful one of a kind pieces that prioritize elegance while limiting their environmental impact 🌍 via. Instagram

Old Crow: Hand painted and embroidered vintage

Old Crow is one of THE RADDEST brands we have come across in our journey. Bridget, the mind, body, and soul of Old Crow, is an artist whose canvases of choice are wearable! With her wit and style, she transforms old clothes and boring tees into fresh and funky hand painted gems. From shirts to shoes…

Soulstice Collective: Brooklyn based, fairly sourced, vegan friendly

We do love a good party outfit–who doesn’t?? But sometimes it can be hard the perfect top in a thrift store, and many conscious brands put forth a more mature, business-casual look. If you’ve been searching for a young, fun brand, you GOTTA peep Soulstice Collective! Gorgeous, bohemian style clothes with very friendly price tags. Here’s…