A Lap Around the Sun with my Backpack

Today I started my first year of my masters program! “But wait Kristen, isn’t this your 5th year of college?” “Ya don’t remind me” So I’m doing a dual bachelors and masters program all in one! I’m taking my first round of graduate classes and last few undergrad classes. And you best believe I’ll be using my Terra…

Earth Day

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attaches to the rest of the world” ~John Muir 🌸🌎Happy Earth Day🌏🌸 Crop top: Old Crow Backpack: Terra Thread Shoes: Veja For more amazing photography check out Rowan Eo’s photography on her Facebook and/or Instagram 🙂

Terra Thread {Taiwan Edition}

Blown away by how well this Terra Thread backpack has held up while traveling through East Asia! Highly functional and affordable, this Fair-trade, organic backpack is a travel and school necessity 🎒 via. Instagram

Terra Thread: organic, fair trade, and affordable bags

Who they are:  A California based company that loves the earth so much that they named themselves after her! What they do:  Bags, bags, all types of bags! Why we love them:  They use certified organic cotton to make their bags at a fair trade certified factory and sell them at an affordable price. TRIPLE…