Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Photography by Rowan Eo (Ear)Ringing in the Holiday Season! A few months ago I saw that geometric shaped earrings were IN! Since starting my ethical journey, I was always suspicious of things that I immediately loved. I didn’t just want to feed into a ~trend~. But this isn’t that kind of story! Hathorway isn’t a…

Interview with Dunitz & Company

Recently, I was interviewed by Dunitz & Company’s founder Nancy Dunitz! They’re a Fair Trade company that produces beautiful jewelry. If you remember my farm photo shoot pictures, I was decked out in Dunitz. She recently asked to interview me and I was so excited! Definitely feels like I’ve reach some sort of blogger milestone….

Two Styles of the Same Coin

Who are they? Dunitz and Company is a Fair-Trade jewelry company that was founded on the idea of empowerment through artistry. Dunitz employs 100+ Guatemalan men and women artisans who work to create beautifully-crafted pieces in Guatemala that are later sold in the US. This work gives them an opportunity to have a stable and…

Happy Fox Studio

I may not look happy, but don’t let this melodramatic picture fool you! I’m beyond happy to be wearing this pair of eco-friendly earrings handmade by the talented Happy Fox Studio💕🦊💕

Cheesin’ because it’s Ethical!

Sometimes it’s tempting (especially for those of us on a LOW budget) to shop the crazy markdowns at stores like #hm , #Forever21 , even #Walmart ! But if you can’t afford any new clothes from ethical brands atm, try your local thrift store, estate sale, or resale apps like @thredup !!! We got this…

Happy Fox Studios: Upcycled Jewelry

Upcycle(v.) – to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. ♻️♻️♻️ @happyfoxstudiojewelry is the QUEEN of upcycling!! Check out her page– she handmakes awesome jewelry using pre-loved materials, like the earrings Kristen’s wearing as she confronts her inner self….