Old Crow Living

Nothing like looking at summer pictures to remind you that you’re experiencing one of the coldest winters on record 🙄 but thanks to this Old Crow crop I can look forward to wearing it on warmer days 💕 via. Instagram Advertisements

Resolution: Be Extra

Me fulfilling my resolution of being more extra 💁🏻‍♀️ What’s more extra is that the production of ONE cotton shirt uses THREE years of drinking water to make 😱 Clean drinking water is an integral part to life, but 780 MILLION people don’t have access to it. With every purchase, Threading Water gives ONE year of clean…


我想念上海😢{I miss Shanghai}! Clean drinking water is an integral part of life, but about 780 million people don’t have access to it. If you want to find out how you can make that that number small check out WristSponsible via. Instagram

2018’s Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions

Still searching for a New Year’s resolution?? After explaining Moral Women’s mission to the people I meet, I’m met with similar questions about what others can do to help the cause. This 2018 we can all start by doing our part in understand the effects that our purchases have. I’ve compiled a list of a…

Thrifty Thurz

Moral Women is getting ready for a year full of change!! If you also want to change the world through fashion check Moral Women’s New Years Resolutions article on Moral Women’s WordPress, link in bio!!💕 {the outfit feature is a 100% thrifted looked} via. Instagram

Untitled Thoughts: Repurposed fabrics, ECO-ELEGANZA!

How does one look 🔥 in an eco friendly outfit? One simply goes to Untitled Thoughts 👗 One of the most thoroughly eco-friendly companies around—from the fabric, to the light bulbs in their studio—Untitled Thoughts is full of beautiful one of a kind pieces that prioritize elegance while limiting their environmental impact 🌍 via. Instagram

Happy Fox Studio

I may not look happy, but don’t let this melodramatic picture fool you! I’m beyond happy to be wearing this pair of eco-friendly earrings handmade by the talented Happy Fox Studio💕🦊💕

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! Moral Women is thankful for so much this year! For all the friendships we’ve made, all the companies we’ve worked with, all who have been critically thinking about the fashion industry, all the followers we’ve interacted with, all the companies trying to make a difference in the fashion industry, all the opportunities we’ve…

Terra Thread {Taiwan Edition}

Blown away by how well this Terra Thread backpack has held up while traveling through East Asia! Highly functional and affordable, this Fair-trade, organic backpack is a travel and school necessity 🎒 via. Instagram

Blue Planet Eyewear: Bamboo, eco-plastic, and recycled metal shades

It is estimated that 285 MILLION people around the world have visual impairment and so many of those people don’t have access to eye care. Blue Planet Eyewear is not only an upcycling sunglasses and glasses company that uses used plastics/metals/glass, but also a company that gives some profits to charities for visually impaired, child hunger along…

Basal Underwear: Affordable, conscious, COMFY intimates

“Our mission is to make consciously sourced products affordable for everyone to enjoy. Being kind to each other, the environment, and ourselves is simple.” – Basal UnderwearCouldn’t have said it better! We felt the love trying on Basal’s bralettes and undies. It was the perfect amount of support and stretchy softness that you forget you’re wearing…

Old Crow: Hand painted and embroidered vintage

Old Crow is one of THE RADDEST brands we have come across in our journey. Bridget, the mind, body, and soul of Old Crow, is an artist whose canvases of choice are wearable! With her wit and style, she transforms old clothes and boring tees into fresh and funky hand painted gems. From shirts to shoes…