Exploitation, Exploitation, Exploitation

Fast fashion affects more people than you think.


Moral Women’s Mission

Before moving further with our blog, we want to make a purpose statement, for any of our readers out there but also for us. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of goals when they’re not solidified- especially when they’re as big and as numerous as Moral Women’s. There are three main aims of Moral Women:…

Grandpa’s Boys

Can anyone help us identify the boys on this shirt??? They may or may not go by “Grandpa’s Boys” 👴👀🔍 via Instagram

Saturday Night Fever

Need some inspo for your Saturday night outfit? Our friend Nicole is serving up a tested and certified club look, and it’ll make you say: I can’t believe it’s not fast fashion! #Vintage#Always #FTW via Instagram


Today we meet our lovely friend Elena, a photographer extraordinaire and future teacher! She recently got accepted into grad school and is on her way to becoming a role model for future #badbitches at whatever school she teaches at. Teachers are some of the first people we learn to look up to, so it’s important…

Where is Kristen Looking??

Where’s Kristen looking? To the FUTURE! Schools out for summer and we’re excited to get our blog up and running💻 in addition to our insta/facebook posts, we’re hoping to update y’all weekly with short articles about positive change happening in the fashion industry/world and the successful women who instigate change. Be sure to peep it👀…

Cheesin’ because it’s Ethical!

Sometimes it’s tempting (especially for those of us on a LOW budget) to shop the crazy markdowns at stores like #hm , #Forever21 , even #Walmart ! But if you can’t afford any new clothes from ethical brands atm, try your local thrift store, estate sale, or resale apps like @thredup !!! We got this…

The True Cost

“Operating within a system that only measures profit, companies have little incentive to do anything other than to make this quarter better than the last, no matter what damage is caused along the way. As corporations that make up the global fashion industry, major brands, as well as seed and chemical companies are growing today…

NIA: ‘eco-friendly knitwear for an unpredictable life.’

What makes this choker(and all of NIA’s clothes!) ethical? 1. The whole process is done at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, right in our backyard! 2. It’s made by MACHINES(so futuristic!). Computerized knitting ensures that only the exact amount of yarn necessary to make the clothes is used– no extra yarn to be thrown…

Happy Fox Studios: Upcycled Jewelry

Upcycle(v.) – to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. ♻️♻️♻️ @happyfoxstudiojewelry is the QUEEN of upcycling!! Check out her page– she handmakes awesome jewelry using pre-loved materials, like the earrings Kristen’s wearing as she confronts her inner self….

Tree huggin’

Ever thought about the impact that textile waste (aka- clothes you/factories throw away) has on our environment? via Instagram

Self Love

Can’t wait to show you guys this thrifted mumu-turned-perfect-spring-dress 😍  Here’s a question for any fashion lovers out there: How do you practice self-love? It might sound crazy, but I’ve found that not shaving my legs is really therapeutic. The often oppressive modern beauty standards is restricted my way of self love. My hair is…