Old Crow: Hand painted and embroidered vintage

Old Crow is one of THE RADDEST brands we have come across in our journey. Bridget, the mind, body, and soul of Old Crow, is an artist whose canvases of choice are wearable! With her wit and style, she transforms old clothes and boring tees into fresh and funky hand painted gems. From shirts to shoes and everything in between, every item in Old Crow’s shop is truly one of a kind!
We love that Old Crow takes trash and makes it treasure with her brilliant designs.  She also uses the WRAP certified Bella+Canvas shirts as the base for her custom tees!

We tossed Bridget a few of our ideas and she made our dreams into frickin’ awesome reali-tees (and denim!)!!! She is the friendliest, so if you have customizations in mind (or want an official MWxOC earth-heart-boob crop!), do not hesitate. Talk to the crow. She’ll treat you right.😎



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