Water you doing(to stop garment dye pollution)?

Dress by Threads 4 Thought, a company conscious of its sourcing!

This article is a great one about the textile industry pollution crisis in India. The situation is bad. And with the ever increasing demand for cheaper clothing, it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.

“the lush rice paddies, coconut palms and banana trees that have characterized this part of southern India suddenly give way to a parched, bright red landscape, dotted only with scrub forest. The Noyyal River, which used to be clean and clear, now runs foamy and green, polluted with the toxic runoff of the titanic textile industry 20 miles to the west, in Tirupur.”

There’s so much dishonesty in the fashion industry. It’s more important than ever to know where your clothes are made!


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  1. So scary isn’t it, the price people and the planet pay for us wearing pretty clothes. Check out my blog, I also write about ethical issues and alternate brands to buy from. I recently posted about the issues in the leather dying industry for shoes https://spannacantwell.com/2017/06/23/step-up/

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  2. Daniella Romano says:

    We definitely need to be more aware of these issues in the textiles industry- good on you for raising awareness!

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