Threading Water: fair trade shirts with a mission

Threading Water is a Moral Women approved 👌 company, for a couple reasons.

  1. Their shirts are SUPER soft. Like, softer than soft. ‘I’d wear this shirt for infinity if I didn’t have to shower’ soft.
  2. They’re made in WRAP certified factories, oh yeah😎
  3. They have AMBITION! Check out their mission:

Our mission is simple: Provide clean water to as many people as possible. Water is the life-source for everything on the planet. From plants to animals to humans, we can’t survive without it. All over the world, people are living without access to clean water, and we can’t stand by and let that happen. So, we are going to change it with your help. With the purchase of each shirt, you are able to provide an entire year of clean water to some one in need.

You can read more about how they do that here.

Do yourself (and the world) a favor, and make the next shirt you buy a Threading Water one.




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